Wednesday, July 2, 2014

TV Shelf

The tv needed a shelf to sit on.  I went back and forth as to whether or not I wanted to hang it on the wall or just make a shelf.  So I went with a shelf.  I found a scrap piece of wood in hubby's work shop that was already stained so I had to sand it down to restain it.   Then I found another board in the barn that was used for something else and I ran that through the planer to make it thinner and help take the stain off that. 

I cut the one board in half and then pocket screwed it together to make the top of the shelf.
That is what it look like after I sanded it, screwed it together and routed an edge on it.  I then stained the top with General Finishes Brown Mahogany stain and put a few coats of wipe on poly on it.

I then pocket screwed the sides together after I had painted them black.  Then pocket screwed that to the top of it.

Here's the dresser and tv before I moved the mini fridge into our closet.
This is what it looked like after I moved the fridge.  I just took 2 small pieces of wood to lift the dvd player up some so the tv would be level.

And here it is now.

There a little snap shot of what I am doing now.  I wanted to paint the room the same color as the kitchen and get rid of the blue.  I like the blue but just can't live with the blue it's just so dark and it's not even close to the blue in the quilt. Here's where I talked about wanting to change the color.

Eventually I'd like to get a tv that is a bit smaller.  I know I measured a newer one that doesn't have the big "frame" around the screen and we could get the same size screen and the tv will be much smaller than that one. 

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