Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bedroom ~ Trim is Done!

Last week I worked on finishing up the trim in our bedroom.  I still need to finish the window sashes though.

Here it is before:

Here is what the room looks like now.

We had a mini fridge between the desk and dresser.  The tv components used to sit on top of it.  I moved the fridge to the closet and plan on making a little riser shelf to go on top of the dresser for the tv to sit on.

The elliptical still needs to be moved to the work out area in the basement.  I also have the bedside table parts made but they still need to be put together.

I'm also not sure if I want to keep the blue or not on the walls.

I was thinking of the Ancient Ivory I painted the kitchen with.  I was also thinking of either wood planks on the wall where the windows are or something like that.  That would require pulling the trim off and then putting it all back on.  Not sure Hubby will want to go along with that since he's busy with work.

Here's the paint color on the kitchen walls.
 Here's the same pain on the basement walls.


  1. I think the lighter paint color would make the room brighter! The trim looks great!!

    1. Thanks! I'm working on convincing hubby the lighter color would look better. He loves the blue! :)