Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Art Above The TV

The area above the tv in the family room was a big blank space.  I came across several chevron art ideas on Pinterest and especially liked the chevron growth charts.  I already made a wooden growth chart  but I liked the chevron idea so I used a scrap board to make some art.

I took an old left over piece of oak.  It was already stained on one side so I flipped it over and used Minwax walnut stain on it.  The same color as our mantle.

Once the board was stained & dry I used some scrap scrapbooking paper cut into strips.  The strips are 2.5" wide.  I used spray adhesive to adhere them to the board.

I used some left over white paint to paint the areas between the strips of paper.

After I was done painting I pulled the strips off.  There was some bleed through with the paint but I didn't care. I then used sand paper to clean p the lines and distress it.

 I attached some picture hangers to the back of it.  Then marked where I wanted to hang it on the wall and put wall anchors in to help hold it.  Then hung it on the wall.

I know it looks crooked but it's very much level.  The floor isn't level so the tv stand & tv aren't level.

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