Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Picture Gallery Wall

I've added more pictures and still have a few more to add to finish filling in the wall.   I really like how it is turning out.

Here is the in progress picture.  I still have a little space left to add a few more frames.

This is how it started out.  These are pictures of before hubby built & put the new staircase in and during and then the red paint........I loved that red paint at the time but then quickly got tired of it!

 Pictures 3 & 5 are of the stairs before we tore them out.  Picture 4 was before we finished staining all the parts of the stairs.  Picture 6 was the red paint after we finished the stair case and dry walled the basement.  7 & 8 are in progress to what I we have going on now.

The gallery wall is coming along.  I like all the mismatched frames.  I also like gallery walls with matching frames! 

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