Monday, October 21, 2013

Pedestal Table Turned Coffee Table

Since I am in the middle of making a new dining room table I went ahead and cut our pedestal table down and put it all back together.

First I took it apart.  I unscrewed the  hanger bolts (dowel screws) from the base of the table.

 I then took the legs off.  Hubby and I cut the pedestal down on the table saw.  Then I added some blocks to the inside of the base since the material was  thinner there.  After the glue was dry I used the drill press to drill new holes for the screws to go back in.  After putting the screws back into the base  I put the table all back together!

Here's the ottoman we were using which was borrowed from the family room:

 Here's the repurposed table now!

The table originally had a white base and very light stained top.  It now has a black base and Early American minwax stained top.

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By Stephanie Lynn

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