Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Refinishing a stool

We have a few stools that we got for free.

They are all oak and were stained in a color I didn't like.

Here's the before pictures:
 I am using the stool as a little side table in the kitchen for now.

For the seat of the stool I use 50 grit sandpaper to take the finish off quickly. Then I used 60 grit to make sure I got it all off then sanded  again with 120 grit.  I just lightly sanded the legs because I was going to paint that portion of the stool.

I then stained the stool seat with Early American stain by Minwax.  I let that dry then did about 5 coats of wipe on polyurethane in satin.  I primed and then painted the legs in a satin black.

It's a nice comfy little spot to sit and drink a cup of tea, go through a cook book or browse recipes online!

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