Monday, August 19, 2013

Refinishing The Kitchen Cabinets

Lucky for me, my kitchen isn't done yet.  That made it very easy to sand the face frames down and restain them.

Here's what they looked like before I sanded them down.

I sanded them down to bare wood so I could restain them. 

I used the General Finishes Java gel on them.  I put on 3 thin coats then 4 coats of satin wipe on poly.  For the kitchen window, since it wasn't taking the stain well even with a pre stain conditioner, I used Sherwin Williams brown dye first then 1 coat of Java over it after letting the dye sit for 5 minutes. 

Here's the kitchen now.

I have all the wood stained and ready for hubby to make the end panels for the 2 upper cabinets.  I also have the toe kick material half finished.  There is still a lot to to in the kitchen though.

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