Saturday, January 26, 2013


Today's games were so much better than last week! 

Last week Jacob's team played against a Whitmore Lake team and their lady coach, we'll just call her Ms. Lovely, screamed her head off through the entire game at her players!  Their team was pretty good but they played basketball more like football so it seemed like there was a lot of tackling going on!  Jacob's team ended up losing  big time last week.  This week his team did much better and didn't lose by to much.  Jacob is actually the rebound king out there!  Even the parents of the other team were patting him on the shoulder and telling him he was great at rebounding!

Jacob's Game:

Nathan's team last week won their game even though most of the kids out there, to me anyway, didn't seem to look like they really knew what they were doing.  After the half-time court switch their teams were running the wrong way and the opposing team tried to make a basket in the wrong hoop!  This week his team seemed to pull it together a bit more.  Pete and Noah coached this week while the regular coach was out of town and they also coached the game this afternoon.

Nathan's Game:

It was fun watching my boys out there today!

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