Friday, January 25, 2013

Back Splash Maybe.......

I got so tired of looking at the primer above the counter tops when the rest of the kitchen was painted.
I picked out the tile I want to use but I'm not sure when we'll buy it and if/when we finally buy it I have no idea on when we'll get around to installing it.

So this is what I've been looking at in our kitchen.......

I went ahead and painted it all the wall color for now and it feels so much better in there now!

This is turning into the worlds LONGEST kitchen remodel.  Hard to believe the process started almost 5 years ago.  We started to gut & remodel in  June of 2011. Then June 16, 2012 we finally got the sink in and water running!! 

Our to do list on the kitchen includes
1) making cabinet shelves & drawers
2) making cabinet doors
3) building the pantry area & fridge surround cabinets
4) build the small bookcase for the end of the counter near the dishwasher
5) make and install the trim & crown mouldings
6) under cabinet lighting
7) buy tile
8) tile the back splash

And by the time that's all done it'll be time to buy new appliances!  We bought  these (minus this dishwasher) almost 5 years ago.  They are all LG brand.  The LG dishwasher had major issues from the start.  If the control panel even got a little moisture on it or a drop of water it wouldn't work or would ding like crazy.  Then it leaked every time we used it.  We had the repair man out several times until the extended warranty was up at which time we decided to just replace it.  We ended up replacing it with a Bosch which has been amazing so far!  The dishes come out clean every single time!  In the LG it was hit or miss if they would all be clean or not. With the Bosch there are  NO leaks!!

You can go HERE for a look back at how the kitchen started.

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