Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kitchen Progress

This has got to be one of the world's longest kitchen remodel projects EVER!  We started buying things to redo the kitchen roughly 4 years ago this summer.   We bought nearly everything like appliances, wood to build the cabinets, hinges, knobs/pulls, drawer slides etc.  Then we built the cabinet carcasses.  It wasn't until the Summer of 2011, specifically July, that we started to gut the kitchen.

This was the picture on the house listing that we looked at before we purchased the house.
The ugly kitchen....and really yes the previous owners used that picture on the listing!!
  We got to planning what we wanted to do:
in the mean time we had painted since moving in.

Then we got to work.  Pete helped a little but most of the demo was done by my younger 2 boys and myself.
Jacob & Nathan taking out the drywall

Remodeling is a messy job!

Just some of the wiring damage we found inside the walls.
After all the demo and clean up, Pete got to work on putting it all back together.   We redid all the electrical, added more recessed lights, wiring for under cabinet lighting, dry walled, redid the hardwood floors Pete installed a few years ago and painted.

Pete mudding and taping the drywall

Pete refinishing the hardwood floor.
Floor is done!

Cabinets are in, although not done.
It's coming along.  That's a granite slab leftover from gutting a homeowners kitchen.
We still need to make the cabinet doors, shelves and drawers.  We still need to make and install all the trim and get the granite installed.

At least for the most part the kitchen is usable!


  1. One day, it will be done. You won't know what to do with yourself when it's all finished! haha

  2. :) I know! I can't wait. We might have granite and a sink in the next 2 weeks!