Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Guest Bathroom

This is our guest bathroom that is used by our younger 2 boys.
It started out looking like this when we moved in back in December 2000.
Bathroom before.
Then we remodeled it and I painted it all green......what was I thinking???? Pete, the husband, built the vanity I designed and did all the work minus the painting.  We gutted it down to the studs and floor joists.  We redid all the electrical and added recessed lighting.
I decided it was time to paint it again.  This time white ceiling and beige walls.  I also repainted the vanity.

Much much much better!!

It's much more relaxing now! 


  1. Just saw your blog..visiting from Better After. So where did the claw foot tub end up? Hopefully not in the dump ground :-(

    1. Nope, someone my dad used to know took it and used it in their house. :)