Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dining Room Art

I've been trying to come up with something I liked for our dining room.  The dining room went from in your face orange walls to beige walls.  I've been working on redoing all the trim.  The trim is being done in General Finishes gel Java color.

Dining Room before with bright orange walls.
Dining Room in progress.  I made the chevron pictures on the back wall.


We took the cabinet that was on the wall and placed it onto the buffet.  I then painted them both black.  I needed something to put on the wall where the cabinet had been.  So I moved my horse print to that wall which resulted in this:
Horse art looking a little small there.

Painted a black square area and hung a black frame I had around it. Still not doing it for me.


I decided after hanging the horse art, then painting a black area with a black frame that it just wasn't working.  I took a scrap piece of plywood, stained it and then painted some black chevron on it.  I glued it into the frame then glued the horse art to that.  I put an anchor into the wall and hung it!  Much better!

So that's where the dining room stands at this point.  I still want to redo the crown and then that will be about it for now.


  1. I love it!
    I just picked up a picture for my laundry room yesterday thinking I would "add to it" as I have a plethora of frames but I like the idea of the chevron idea!
    Maybe I will venture my hand at tit.

    How'd you make/find the pattern?

    Thank you!

  2. I first cut strips of paper to the width I wanted and made a pattern with that. I then traced around the paper and taped it off with painters tape. Once it was all taped off I spray painted it.

  3. I just saw this on Better After & have to tell you..."Wowza!!!" I love it!!! Great makeover on an already cool picture. :) ~Cindy

  4. I saw it on BA too! I just had to come on over and see how you did it! WIth the other chevrons on the wall you have really tied it all together beautifully! Well done!