Monday, July 2, 2012

Kitchen Granite & Tile

About 2 weeks ago we went and picked out the granite.  They didn't have the New Venetian Gold in stock (which you can see at the bottom of this post) so we ended up picking out one called Kashmir Gold.  I can never got over how different each slab is.  So while this one isn't our slab, this is kinda what it looks like.  Granite Creations came out to template last Monday so they should be installing it sometime next week.
Kashmir Gold Granite

Sunday we went to Lowe's  to pick up some supplies for work this week and decided to just pick a tile once and for all.  I wasn't "in love" with any of the tile they had at the store but found a "this one will do" tile.

Marfil Polished Marble mosaics tile.

As you can see there are several on the sheet that have chipped corners.  I went through probably 15 in the store to see them all but every single one had multiple chips in them. I came to the conclusion that the tile will have some character.  We plan on actually purchasing the tile next week sometime.  We need 45 square feet of it to do all the back splash area.  Each sheet is 12" x 12" and each individual tile is 2" x 4".

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