Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy New Year!

I can't believe 2016 is I am a little late on this!  My oldest graduates from high school this year!   That is just crazy.  Time flies by!

Anyway here is a quick recap of our NYE treats and then our late Christmas with my inlaws.  I wish I had taken more pictures but I didn't.

For New Year's Eve we had a few snacks:
Sausage cheese balls
Turkey meatballs
Bunless chili burgers
Lil' smokies
Veggies & ranch
Hot wings
Loaded potato skins

We did work stuff during the day then after work stuff was done we watch the new Vacation movie for the second time.  The first time we saw it at the movie theater.  After that we switched back and forth between the NYE tv specials and a football game.

Then since my inlaws were out of town visiting their daughter and her husband we had a late Christmas with them.

We had a nice dinner.  I cooked up a yummy leg of lamb, mashed red potatoes (I had cauli mash), and veggies.  I also made french onion soup and left the bread out of mine. After dinner we had the zucchini cake from the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook and I served it with strawberries.  The leg of lamb recipe can be found HERE.  It is a Martha Stewart recipe.

Then I finally put all the Christmas stuff away this past week.  I had a little help from a protesting dog.  Dozer wanted the closet area for himself.  Took a few cookies to get him to move out of the way!!

That's it it was all really low key and very enjoyable!! :)

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