Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dog Food Container

Hubby brought home a tin container that I think had popcorn in it. Someone gave it to him.  So I'm not really sure but it smelled like popcorn. :)

I emptied the food into another container, put some cardboard in the inside to keep it from getting paint on it and lightly scuffed the outside of the can and lid.

Then took some white and black spray paint that was the paint + primer and gave it 2 coats of paint. I let it dry well, put the food back in and let it dry for a full day before pushing the lid down all the way.

I wanted to make it look similar to the canister I bought from Ballard's a few years back for Dozer's food.  
Here is Dozer's container:

I could have just bought some vinyl and cut the lettering myself with my Cricut but that was more costly than just buying it premade off Etsy.

So here's Dixie's food container.  She has her own food container because we switched to a weight maintenance food.

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