Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Happy 14th Birthday Jacob!

It is so hard to believe that Jacob is now 14!  It  seems like yesterday he was just a little baby!

We had Grandma & Grandpa Owen over for his birthday and had a good time.   Grandma and Grandpa got him a go pro type camera which he really likes.  He is going to take it with him to Wyoming when he flies out to visit his Aunt Susan in August!

I have been redoing Jacob's bedroom and will share that tomorrow.  

I have a little story about the cake that almost wasn't!!
Sunday I headed to the grocery store to order a cake to pick up on Tuesday. Store #1 said they weren't taking cake orders.  And that was fine because all their cakes were for babies or very young kids. They had nothing that would work for older kids or adults.   On to store #2.  This store was Meijer.  At first they told me no to Tuesday because the cake decorator/baker was off that day.  I then asked about Monday.  They said that was to soon.  Then she double checked with the baker and they could fit it in. So YES!!  I placed the order and they said it would be ready at 8pm on Monday.  They are open till 9pm in the 24 hour grocery store.  I get there at 8pm on Monday and no one is back there. Baker had left or was on break.....not sure.  So I found a guy stocking the shelves outside the bakery area.  I asked if he could go get the cake. It was on a shelf beside the counter and my arms just weren't long enough to reach it.  First he said no. So I said "you can either walk back there and get it or I will go back and get it myself".  He went back and grabbed it.  Then he asked if I had paid for it.  I told him no that I would pay for it up front like you always do. They don't even  have a register at the bakery.  He replied to me "I am trusting you and taking your word for it. Please remember to pay for it."  I was just shaking my head and thinking so I would buy all the other stuff in my cart but not the cake??? ugh. 

So that's the story about how the cake almost wasn't!  lol 

Happy Birthday to Jacob!  You are such a wonderful young man and a very hard worker!!  We love you!

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