Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fridge Cabinet Progress

Over the Memorial holiday weekend we were busy taking care of house and yard stuff.  We were able to check a lot of long awaited things off our to do list!  One of those items being 3 cabinets for around the fridge.

The cabinet that has the interior stained was a cabinet we built for a client that they didn't want and needed something a little different due to some last minute changes.  It just needed face frames and then we built 2 more cabinets and installed them.  They still need scribe moulding, shelves & doors.  The whole kitchen still needs all the trim, drawers and a small bookcase. All in all though it's nearing the end finally!

The fridge was here.

Then we moved it over a space and  temporarily put the tall shelf cabinet in it's place. The reason for that was you couldn't walk between the fridge and the dishwasher if you had either the dishwasher open or the fridge open.  Galley kitchen problems!! lol

That cabinet wasn't wide enough to stay there though.  We built another cabinet to go there and then one for the top of the fridge.  After some leveling and shimming we got the cabinets installed.

Now they just need to be finished.  I am totally out of the stain so I need to go buy some more.  For now though I am just excited to have them built and installed!

Once we do the crown, the crown will run along the top of the tall cabinets and the ceiling.

Now we have plenty of food storage space!  Nice big pantry love!

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