Sunday, March 29, 2015

No More Rugs

No more area rugs for now.  I cleaned them and put them away.

We came home from work not to long ago and found yet another hole in the little love seat and a big rip in the living room area rug under the love seat.

Trixie Destruction:

Not only that stuff but Trixie has "trimmed" my curtains and scratched up some trim around the doors.

Our 12 month old doberman, Trixie, has been a busy girl!

So I put the rugs away and will bring them back out later.  The other issue is all the dog hair.  With 3 dogs, my allergies are through the roof!!  The dog hair is insane around here.  I was vacuuming daily and sweeping.  Now just a quick sweep in the morning and at night seems to help.

Here's the rug and no more rug pictures!

Dining room:

Living Room:

At least the kids like it better without the rugs.  They said it doesn't look as dark inside and makes it feel bigger.  I liked the rugs but not the dog hair in them and the dog trying to eat them!!

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