Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We had our traditional St. Patrick's day dinner on Monday.  We had my inlaws over and we devoured 3 corn beef roasts, cabbage and mashed potatoes along with gluten free Irish soda bread.  YUM!

I forgot to take pics of the food but did take a few pictures of the table setting.  Please ignore the very wrinkly table cloth!

I love the glasses.  We picked those up the other night from the store.  They are Anchor Hocking 8 in  a pack for $10.  We bought 2 boxes of them.  Our other clear glasses were disappearing fast between the kids and dogs breaking them.  The other night we were sitting at the table eating dinner and our 12 month old doberman jumped up and hit a bowl which slid into one of the glasses sending glass everywhere.  We had 12 of them and then we were down to 5 which wasn't even enough for just us much less having company over!  They still sold them but I decided to go with something a little heavier and thicker in hopes these won't shatter as easy.

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