Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bathroom Soffits are GONE!

Back in 2012 Jacob, he's 13 now,  & I took out the doorway that divided the tub/toilet side from the sink sink.  Then over this summer we took out most of the soffit over the sink.   From September 2012 to this year the bathroom was a total mess with the holes in the wall/ceiling from taking out the doorway & header for it.

Hubby & Jacob finished taking out the soffits and patched up the ceiling and walls over Christmas.

Here's the bathroom before:

I painted the cabinets, and hubby replaced the counter top, new faucet & mirror. Then I wanted to try blue colors.  That didn't last long!!

Then I started to take out the soffit.

Jacob helping me take the doorway out September 2012

Then he realized I didn't have shoes on!  lol

Here's the tub soffit progress

We sanded the drywall mud last night and got it all primed.  Today I'm painting!

Eventually we'll do something with the tub.  We have all the tiles to do the shower.  Our plan is to take out the fiberglass all in one tub/shower and just tile in a shower this summer......hopefully.  Then eventually we'll get to the floor. Currently the tub side is stick on tiles and the sink side has hardwood clear coated oak.  I'm thinking of going with the tiles that look like wood floors.

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