Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cheap Kitchen Art

I honestly can't make up my mind what I want to do with this spot.  If I had thought it out better before hubby built the cabinets I would have had that cabinet made larger to fit the space.  Then I thought ok well we could make a small cabinet to go there like one to hold wine or something.  But we don't drink wine so I think for us it would be silly.  Then I tried some hanging metal baskets that I put together and didn't like that either.  Hmmmm

So for now I put up some EAT art that I made from pictures I printed from HERE.  There is a whole collection of different letters and even more stuff in other albums.  I printed them out on card stock and then cut out the letters.  I taped the letters to some brown card stock.  If I had glue I would have glued them but I was out of glue and doing this the cheap way!

As for the picture frame it was an old one I had floating around.  I spray painted the frame with with a dark walnut spray paint and then spray painted the matte with an off white color.  Then I put it all back together.

Here's the spot I can't make my mind up with:
Here's how it looks now:

Still to do:
Trim (crown & baseboards)
Cabinet doors, drawers & shelves
Cabinet end panels & trim

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