Friday, November 1, 2013

DIY Rustic Table

The table is finally done!!!  Freaking excited over here!!

So remember  I brought home some pine boards from Lowe's on one of hubby's bowling nights.  I planed & joined the boards.  I then glued and pocket screwed them together.  After sanding the table top I applied 2 coats of Early American Minwax stain to all the parts for the table.  After that I applied about 7 coats of wipe on poly giving it a light sanding and wipe down in between each coat.

So onto some pictures

I had to cut the legs down from 35" to 29" which is a standard table leg height.

You can see where I cut about 2.5" off the top and the rest off the bottom.

I then cut hte 2x4 I had milled down and finished to the correct length for the apron.  I used pocked screws to attach it to the table top and legs.

That is our Fall table setting!  I love Fall!!

So here's our dining room before.  This was the second time I had painted. It was ORANGE!!

I painted the inside of the house for a 3rd time and then we combined to the 2 cabinets to make it a hutch.  It was a hamster cage hubby had built for the 4 hamsters we used to have. 

That piece of plywood is what we used to throw over the oval table to enlarge when company came over.  Then eventually it just stayed and I kept a table cloth over it!

And here it is again.................can we say "TABLE L-O-V-E"!!!!!!!!!!

Updated December, 2013
I stained the crown mouldng to match the rest of the trim.

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By Stephanie Lynn


  1. It turned out so beautiful!!

  2. Looks awesome! I want to do this so badly! Do you know the approximate cost for this project?

    1. I think the legs were like $20 each ($80), the 2x4s were about $2.80 ($8.40) and the 2x8x8 were about $6.70 ($33.50). Pocket screws we already have because we use a lot of them for work just like the stain and poly. The table minus the stain & pocket screws was $121.90 I'd say by the time you bought stain, poly & screws that would put it around $150. The table is 3 ft by 7.5 ft.

  3. Just wondering what your final wall color was. I have been scouring blogs and paint stores and you name it to find the perfect yellow gold and I LOVE your color!

    1. Thanks! It is Valspar Cincinnatian Hotel Carl Tan (3002-9C).