Thursday, October 31, 2013

Decoupage Ornaments

This year I decided to makeover some of our Christmas ornaments that go on our white tree.    I took about  10 ball ornaments and used brown paper bags to decoupage them with.

First rip up brown paper bags into small pieces.  Then mix the Mod Podge with water 50/50.   I put small batches of the paper into the glue mix and then squeezed them out.  I took a paint brush and smeared some of the glue mixture on an ornament then started placing the paper all around it.  Kinda squeeze the ball in your hand to get the paper to lay flat and stick well.  After you finish just let them dry.  Add another coat of decoupage glue and let dry for extra protection.

I think I'm going to spray paint the rest of the ornaments.

Here they are still drying.

Here they are all dry

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