Friday, November 8, 2013

2013 Family Room Christmas Tree

I can't believe I put up and decorated  a Christmas tree this early!!

I've only put up the one so far in the family room.

The horse is part of some plastic farm animals I bought, added some hooks to them and then spray panted them.

The tree topper is made out of some small branches I cut off our cherry tree outside.

Posts about the ornaments:

Clothespin Snowflakes

Tree Shaped Ornaments

Decoupage Ornaments

Tree Letter Banners

Plastic Animal Ornaments

Tree Topper

You can see the way the tree was decorated in 2012 HERE

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By Stephanie Lynn


  1. Is wonderful tree!!!Have a great moments with your family!!!
    bih hugs

  2. Lovely ornaments, Jennifer! I think the star topper is the prettiest of all and would like to see how it was made out of twigs. It looks rather intricate.

    1. Thank you! I just posted how I made it today.

  3. the tree is beautiful and you have some really great projects and ideas its just a shame i cant pin them so i can go back to them later to try them out