Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dressing Up The Front Door

I bought a door knocker at the beginning of summer from Lowe's.  It sat and sat because I was a little nervous about drilling a hole through the door by myself.  What if I messed it up??  I got fed up of waiting on hubby to drill 2 holes for me so I decided to do it myself.   I measured where I needed the holes and marked the door and drilled and hoped for the best!  It was easy and it worked!

The kick plate was so easy. I held it up to the door, centered it and used 2 pieces of painters tape to hold it in place while I drilled holes and screwed it in.  After that was done I took out some leftover door stain and touched up some scratches on the door.

This is how it looked last week after I cleaned off the porch

Now it has a door knocker and kick plate.  We stopped at Home Depot to get the kick plate yesterday.  My 9 year old asked me if that meant he could just kick the door when ever he wanted to now.  I hope he was just joking when he asked me that!!

The dressed up door:

I'm not sure if I ever included a close up of Mr. Rooster.  I love him!  
I found him at the Tractor Supply store.

The porch and front door have come along way since we moved in!  Hubby did the new door, siding, roof and windows between 2004 to 2006.

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