Monday, July 8, 2013

Fender Dent

This is what happens when your hubby backs into your truck with his truck ~

That's what it looked like.  The pinstripe was painted on.   At first we got a collision center quote.  They wanted $1,000 to fix it.  That included blending the hood & door to match.  I wasn't to worried about that but they refused to do the job unless we let them do that.  Well guess what they didn't get the job!  Then we called The Dent Wizard.  They estimated $400ish to fix it about 60%.  So the dent wouldn't totally go away and we'd still have scratched up paint.  Nope didn't do that.  So I went to our local Ford Dealer.  I ended up ordering a new fender and having them paint it for me.  $449 total!  Hubby took the old one off, put the old cladding on and we reused the Excursion emblem with out a problem! The auto tape was $3 and I bought some pinstripe tape.  That brought the total up to $459. 

Here's the excursion with the fender off

Here it is all fixed up!  Thanks Hubby & Jacob for fixing it!

That was the only pinstripe the store had that was large enough to go over the painted on pinstripe.  It's a silvery glitter color with black center.  The pinstripe tape is a little wavy but it'll do for now!

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