Thursday, May 30, 2013

Crazy Dog

Today a young man came to the door selling books.  I only opened the door a little bit but Dozer jumped up behind me and had his paws on my shoulders and was trying to look around my head! What the heck....crazy dog!! So then I went outside to tell them I wasn't interested and Dozer jumped up and hit the dead bolt and locked me out of the house!!! Thankfully Noah was in his room so I went and banged on his window so he could let me back in the house! Darn Dog!!!

Normally Dozer behaves way better than that.  He has never jumped on me before like that and he's only ever jumped at the door one time and that was when a substitute mail man was dropping off a package and Dozer scared the you know what out of him and the guy almost fell off our porch backwards!

Dozer is a happy 110 pound Rottie Great Dane Mix!  He's our loveable beast!

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