Monday, April 29, 2013

Front Door Area

When we moved in the living room and dining room had dark stained hardwood floors! I love my oak floors. We refinished them with just a clear coat to brighten it up some since we don't get a lot of natural day light in those two rooms. We use our front door all the time. The kids and dog track in water when it rains, snow, mud and dirt all the time! The floor is not doing so well by the front door. It's starting to rot and is breaking in some areas. Our plan is to put in a half wall to divide the front door area from the living room and then tile the floor in that area. Hubby is also building a 7 foot long cabinet to put along the wall by the closet to hold extra shoes, gloves and hats.

 Here is how it looks now and the tape shows where the wall will go. My tape line isn't straight but it was to just give me a visual so I could make sure it was what I really wanted to do!

The area is about 5 1/2 foot wide by 12 foot long.

Here's the tile we picked out.

I wanted to do a pinwheel pattern after we worked on a clients kitchen and eat in area.  I loved the look.  So we picked up some 12x12 inch tiles and some 6x6 inch tiles.  They were very inexpensive at Lowes.  At first I wanted the real slate tiles they carried but I didn't like how those tiles were falling apart just looking at them in the store!  

This is what the pattern looked like in our clients home.


  1. wow, that is some beautiful tile...thanks for stopping by Little Brags. I tried to reply via email but it said you are a NON REPLY blogger

    1. hmmm I don't know what Non reply means? How do you change that?

    2. A quick google to figure out what that meant and it's all fixed now! Thanks for letting me know that!

  2. Hi Jennifer! This floor looks awesome! We re-did our kitchen floor with tile too and am so glad we did. Oh, and 4 boys? I'm DEFINITELY your newest follower. I only have 1 and would love to only have boys someday!

    PS – My May giveaway will be for a new blog design by my personal designer! Starts in 3 days! Our Journey