Saturday, March 2, 2013


The tiles are grouted and looking better!

 It takes forever to get stuff done around here. Pete works most weeks 80 hours it seems so we fit in what we can when we can.  Plus I'm sure hubby gets tired of building all day then having to build/work more on our house!  I'm sure his head starts spinning every time I start talking about the kitchen or other projects that desperately need to be done like refining our cedar siding!

 I bet we have the worlds longest kitchen remodel in history!  It will be 5 years this summer that we bought everything then built most of the cabinets.  Then we got busy with work.  The boys and I gutted the kitchen down to the studs and tore out some walls Aug. 2011.  Wiring and drywall started to take place that October. We taped and put the mud on in December. upper  Cabinets started to go in the day after Christmas 2011.  We redid the hardwood floor Feb 2012 that we originally installed when we moved in back '01. Lower cabinets went in at the end of Feb 2012.  At the end of July 2012 the granite and sink finally went in!  Yes I went a YEAR with out a kitchen sink!!! Back splash  and under cabinet lighting went in this past weekend.  We still have more cabinets to build and all the shelves, drawers, doors and all the trim for the cabinets and kitchen.

Most of the time we tile and grout kitchens together.  If it's a big kitchen or bathroom remodel we are doing either one of our boys or I go with him and we tile together.  Usually I end up cutting the tile while he lays and marks the tiles to be cut.  When it comes to grouting if it's a big job we'll both grout and clean together but on smaller ones like our kitchen he smears the grout and I go back behind him and clean then dry buff it when it's time. 

This wasn't hard at all.  Very easy and was done in no time!

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