Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bathroom Cabinet

I've been working on our bathroom cabinet.  I took it off the wall and wanted to hang it above the toilet.  I'm not sure why the previous owners hung it where they did???

I had hubby doctor it up a little.  He added some trim to it that I found in his scrap pile! I... L-O-V-E ... the scrap pile of trim left over from jobs!!

Here's the cabinet before I took it off the wall.

This is where it's going to go:

I had to patch the wall up from the handicap bars that were beside the tub on the wall there.  The patching above the toilet was from some pictures I had hanging there.

Here's the cabinet with the scrap trim added to it:

We added some thin plywood to the sides then took a belt sander to sand the face frame edges down flush with the sides.   Then nailed on the crown and bottom trim to the cabinet.  I painted it today then discovered I grabbed the wrong hinges from Lowe's the other day :( 

 I should have paid more attention to that before I went to buy the new hinges!  Oh well I'll pick some up the next time we go to Lowe's which seems to be a few times a week!

This is the color the cabinet started out before I painted it white the first time:

The not so lovely golden oak!

You can see the finished cabinet HERE

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