Thursday, January 3, 2013

Door Exchange

When we moved into our house we had all hollow core doors.  We've now been here for 12 years and have slowly replaced almost all the doors to the six panel solid oak doors.  I think we have 2 doors left to go.  We would have only had 1 closet door left to do but the child with the name Matthew broke his bedroom door by slamming it to hard, got it stuck and then broke a panel in it.

The living room closet door was actually a cherry stained door that a client of hubby's was throwing out.   I sanded it down and restained it to match our oak doors that I also restained.  I used the General Finishes Java gel stain.

 So here's some before and afters of the living room closet and front door!

 This picture is with the new front door, new windows, new trim and new baseboards 
that we put in a few years after we moved in.

In this picture I've repainted the walls, and started to restain all the trim. 
You can still see the old closet door. That is what all the doors in the house looked like.

This is what it looks like as of now.  We still need to finish the ceiling.

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