Friday, November 2, 2012

Craft Area

Once upon a time I had a craft room.  When we finished our basement we put in 2 bedrooms.  One I used as a craft room.  Then we decided to give all 4 boys their own bedroom.  Bye-bye craft room!  My stuff stayed boxed up for a while then I decided to use the mudroom.  Hubby built a desk for me this past year and it fits perfectly in there!

I've been working on painting it and re-staining all the oak trim.  I finally finished the trim minus the window.  The window isn't stained yet nor does it have trim around it yet.

That was one coat of paint on the walls and the trim was all stained but not poly'd yet. I still haven't painted the ceiling yet either.

I want to add some floating shelves above the laundry sink and above the chest.

I worked on the curtains today.  They are from Target.  I took one panel, cut it in half and used stitch witchery to hem them.  While cutting the panel in half I accidentally hit  my dining room light fixture with the scissors when I was shaking the fabric out to lay it flat!  So sad! 

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