Wednesday, November 14, 2012


We picked up the buffet on Monday.  Thank you Sarah for giving it to us!  I love it!   Since I hurt my arm on Tuesday, I had to wait for my boys to help bring it into the house for me.  Jacob helped carry it in today.  I got it cleaned up, lightly sanded and then put a coat of primer on it!  I then dug through my paint stash and found I'm out of black paint.  That's ok that just means I get to go to Lowe's again!

I didn't prime the stretcher wood at the bottom because I plan on taking it off and putting a shelf there in it's place.  Like what the buffet in my mood board has:

As for how I hurt my arm, we were loading up the trailer so we could leave for work and the door closed on my arm!  OUCH!  It's all bruised with some minor swelling.  Needless to stay my wrist is hurting pretty good now after priming that cabinet.  Time for some motrin!  

Here's the last project I worked on.  Hubby does custom finished carpentry.  He built an entertainment center for Sarah, the one who gave me the buffet, and I did all the finishing on it.  We went and installed it on Monday.

 The wall before and after.

You can see more of his work on his website HERE.

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