Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tree Planting

Our neighbor's truck backed over our tree this past spring.  He was getting ready to leave but his dogs were fighting over the food dish.  So he pulled back into his driveway, got out and his parking brake broke.  His truck rolled down his driveway and totally over our tree!  I'm just glad it was the tree and not my boys as they were playing outside.

After hubby cleared the tree away we were left with this:

Good news is the neighbors insurance company paid for the new tree. The bad news was we couldn't find a tree the same size.  The ones we have range from 18 to 20 feet tall.  We planted them about 10 years ago and they were 4 to 6 foot tall back then.

We found a nice tree at Lodi Farms in Lodi Twp.

After selecting our tree we loaded it onto our flatbed and brought it home!

The boys helped dig the hole while Dozer, our dog, watched.

Then the boys cracked a joke and told me "The tree soiled itself"  when the burlap broke on the root ball.

The tree soiled itself!

We unloaded the tree with the petti bone and got it planted.

So glad the neighbor's  insurance paid for that!
New tree all planted and ready to grow!

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