Monday, December 21, 2015

Living Room Christmas Decorations

Decorating has been slow going.  I have the tree up in the living room so far.

The flower pot I put it in this year was spray painted green and I redid it in a antiqued stainless spray paint.


Then I got it ready and made sure I checked all the lights and none of them worked so I had to run up to the store to buy new ones!

I ended up getting some larger C7, I think, LED warm white lights from Menards.  I really like them! 

The bell wreath hanging up was red, silver and green.  I just gave it a quick coat of spray paint.

Then I went to hang the garland which I couldn't find anywhere!  I have no idea where I put it when I took it down after last Christmas.  So back to Menards to buy some more.  I really like the new one better than last years anyway!!

Nathan is in charge of the Christmas countdown.  He insisted his kangaroo help as well!

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