Monday, July 27, 2015

Basement Kitchen

There is a strong possibility that we will have family coming to stay with us for maybe 3 months next summer.  So what do you do when you have 5 more people living in your house with your family of six?  Plus we have 3 dogs.  Well you add a small kitchen and half bath. We had plans to do this "eventually" for our boys.  Sometimes your kids move out then move back in or if they have families and come to stay with us for a visit.  It would be nice to have an area for them that would feel like their own space.

So the cleaning, donating and organizing has begun.  It was a DISASTER down there.  To much stuff!

Here's the before-

What I kept I moved to this corner near the whole house air cleaner-

This corner was piled almost to the ceiling with hubby's work stuff.  We took that out to the shop & barn.

This corner still needs to be worked on -

Here's where the kitchen and half bath will go -

 Here's the before again-

And now-

Dozer thought he was helping me.  Loves his shadows!!

This little guy fell on my head while I was taking stuff outside.  Then the next day I spotted him on the door but he stayed put!

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