Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Doggy #3

We just added to our family again.  Another dog.  Dixie is a yellow lab and is the same age as Dozer.  She's slightly over weight but we'll get her back in shape.

She was my mom & step dad's dog as was Trixie.

My step dad moved into an assisted living home this past weekend so he wasn't able to keep her like he had wanted to.  We brought Trixie back with us after my moms memorial service in October.  We went down on Thursday and picked her up and returned home on Friday.  It was a LONG drive going from MI to GA and back again!

Here are some pictures.

This is my step dad & Dixie
She didn't like the snow much when we first let her outside but I think she's adjusting.  She also learned the fence boundary really fast!

Dixie & Trixie playing:

Dozer playing in the snow w/his bowling ball.

 Nap time:

So far they seem to be adjusting to each other very well and get along ok.

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