Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mudroom Paint

I last left the mudroom after installing the cabinets.

We got the cabinets in minus the bench seat.  I started painting it last week then ran out of paint.  I thought there was enough left over but there was not. 

Anyway here is where we started:
 Here is where I left it....

And here is where I'm at now with it:
 The things in the sink are the air filters for Hubby's truck.  He cleaned them then sprayed them and just left them there.  I think he needs to put the one in his truck and put the other away!

I still at some point want to refinish that floor, install a small bench and put bead board up for the backsplash in there.

That is all for now.  Oh I don't know if I ever mentioned the closet doors.  They are the primed 6 panel doors.  I used the java gel on them to match the rest of the doors.  They turned out great!  All of our other interior doors are oak but since this one isn't near another door I didn't think it mattered.  And it saved us a ton of money getting these over oak 6 panel bifolds!

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