Sunday, August 24, 2014

Budget Mudroom

Our house was built in 1989.  We've replaced all the sinks and shut off valves in the house except for in the mudroom and laundry room. 

We found a cabinet on clearance for $40 at Lowe's.  It was discounted due to door damage.  The door damage happened to be 2 small red scuffs that I cleaned off with a Mr. Clean magic eraser.  We brought the cabinet home and hubby said he'd work on the sink in a few weeks.  Well the sink didn't want to wait the shut off valves started  leaking a week later!  So that led to us replacing the sink at 9pm at night.


The sink was the one we were originally going to use for our kitchen. It came from Lowe's 5 almost 6  years ago. Then hubby thought we should use an under mount sink and I'm so glad we did.  The counter top was discounted from Lowe's as was the faucet.


The upper cabinet came from Habitat Restore for under $10.  I used spray primer for plastic on the doors since they are thermofoil.  Then spray painted them white.  They had yellowed.   I do plan to add some trim to the cabinet.

Under the window I want to put a bench with baskets under it.

On the other wall I hung another cabinet I found at Habitat Restore for $10.  I did the same to the door because it had yellowed.  I added a 1/4" piece of plywood painted white to the side and some trim.


Now to just paint the walls, add the rest of the trim, put a bench in and add some bifold doors for the closet and it will be done.

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