Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our Mother's Day Weekend

We enjoyed a beautiful weekend.  Saturday was our 17th wedding anniversary and Sunday was Mother's Day.

There always seems to be a track meet on our anniversary and hubby volunteer coaches the throwing team.  He did it for the middle school when our oldest went there and now he coaches the high school throwers.  After the meet was over we went out to dinner and then saw the Neighbors movie. 

On Sunday we spent the day cleaning up the yard and then went to my inlaws house for dinner.

We took down the swing set, took apart the trampoline, graded some of the yard and took out a few large rocks that the lawn mower always hit.  I have no idea why we didn't do that sooner but glad it's done now.

Now we just need to level it out some more and plant some grass seeds.

Jacob & Nathan took turns driving the tractor to help clear away the swing set wood.

The bleeding hearts are looking so pretty!!

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