Thursday, April 17, 2014

Entry Table

Over the years many things have changed.   When we first moved in our walls were a builder grade flat white paint.  Then I painted them an off white then the orange.  Now they are the tan color.

edited:  Look what I found today (5/8/14) going through some pictures!  This was at Christmas time a few years back.  Grandma & Grandpa Owen were over.  Goodness the boys look so small!! :)
 That was before we put in new doors & windows and before we refinished the hardwood floors and redid all the trim in the house.  The floors had a walnut color stain on them.  When we refinished them we just gave them a good sanding and clear coated them.

Here's what it looked like when it was orange.

Then I painted it all and redid the trim.  We put all the oak trim in after we moved in.  Hubby milled all the trim and we stained it the golden oak color.  Now I have it stained with the java gel.

I started to make a cabinet to go by the front door to hold shoes, gloves and hats.  The only problem is while I could get it to that point I have no idea how to make doors or drawers that I wanted.  That is all hubby's department!   So instead I took the top off that I made, bought some legs and put a table together with baskets underneath.  The unfinished cabinet will be used for something else eventually.

The table legs were from Lowe's  They were roughly $88.  The apron was left over poplar from our workshop. The table dimensions are 36" tall, 18" deep and 78" long.  For the aprons the short ends are 6"x 10 1/2" and the long ends are 6"x 70 1/2".  I used pocket screws to put it all together.  The stain color is Early American.

The baskets under the table are from Target.   They were $39.99 each.
The lamps were from Habitat Restore for like $5 each.  They were brass and I spray painted them ORB.

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By Stephanie Lynn


  1. what a everything you did and those baskets from Target are great..I have some too!!!! Christine stopping by from Little Brags

  2. That side table is gorgeous! Great job with the entire room.
    ~ Robin @ "Redo It"

  3. What a transformation - proof that a little paint can make a huge difference. I applaud your woodworking skills too.