Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gates Are Up

We've had our old baby gates since our 12 year old, almost 13 years old, was born.  They've taken a beating.  We started using them again on the stairs once we got Dozer.  We would just lean them across the openings when we either wanted to keep him upstairs or downstairs.  He never bothered them but the boys would just knock them down and step on them.

I found some just like them online and ordered 2 more.  The nice thing is they are now taller than our old ones.  Once they arrived I stained   & poly'd  them to match our trim.

I cut some small pieces of wood to use as blocking since box newel posts and baseboards made things uneven.  I painted & stained them to match where they were going.

Here's the bottom of the stairs:

 Here's the top of the stairs:
 Here's where I used the blocking:

And speaking of gates, this is what keeps Dozer out of the kitchen.  He will NOT step over it no matter how good the food smells on the other side!

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