Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.   We spent the day relaxing then airing out the house! 

We were so lucky that the mantle didn't catch on fire.  Hubby put a log that was to big into the fireplace, well it would have fit if there weren't already 2 other logs in there.  It blocked off the damper and the damper closed half way or something.  We had flames coming out of the fire place up to the top of the mantle!  The entire house filled with smoke.  Our fire place is in the walk out basement and the main floor was just filled you could barely see when we went up there to open windows and turn on all the fans.  We turned our whole house air cleaner on high and in a few hours the house cleared out but it still smells like fire/smoke today.  No damage other than the paint melted off the metal surround of the fireplace box and the brick and mantle are soot covered.  But we can clean that up and get some high heat paint and repaint the metal.

Here's a picture of the flames just coming outside the fireplace box.  I quickly took the wood letters off the hooks and we got the damper opened up.  It took a bit but the flames were so high at one point I grabbed the phone and our oldest grabbed the fire extinguisher just in case we needed it.  We were able to get it all under control.  So that was the unexpected excitement of our Christmas day!

Now on to the fun part of the day!  On Christmas Eve I wrapped all the presents.  It took me 5 hours with multiple breaks since I wasn't feeling well and I'm still in some pain. 

Thank you again K for helping us out so we could give our wonderful boys Christmas!  It means the world to us!  Love you guys!!

After the boys were tucked into bed, Hubby put the presents under the tree.

The boys finally woke up around 9:30 am and then it was time for hot chocolate and time to open presents!

Then we sat down later that day for a wonderful Christmas ham dinner!

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