Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Many Projects Going On At Once!

Currently we are building cabinets for a clients kitchen, doing a mudroom cabinet plus I have a few small things I'm working on for our house.  I've got a dining table I'm making, 2 night stands and a cabinet for by our front door.

Here's  a few pictures of what's going on around here.

That was after I came back from Lowe's.  I bought wood for the dining table and the top for my cabinet by the front door.

Here's the cabinet before I painted the ends.  It still needs a center piece of plywood, face frame, shelves, 4 doors and trim around the bottom.

 I found the table legs at Lowe's. They were the bulkiest ones they had and need to be cut down to 29" since they are 35" tall.   I plan on cutting the bun feet off and also some of the top part. 

These are the side panels for my bedside tables.  The little tables will have 3 drawers each.  The tops will be stained and the rest will be painted black.

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