Friday, September 13, 2013

Bedroom Desk Chair

I'm redoing my desk chair today.

Today I took it apart, took off some of the loose veneer, smeared some bondo on it and stripped the seat down.

It had 4 layers of fabric on it.  The oldest layer of fabric disintegrated in some areas when I touched it!  It was so nasty and dusty!

I think the desk, chair and dresser belonged to hubby's great-grandmother.

Here's the damaged chair:

The brown fabric was the one I had put on a few years ago.  I didn't realize though that there were all those other fabrics on there!!  It was crazy dusty taking it all apart!!

The new fabric I picked out for it.  I also picked out new foam and batting for the seat as well.

The bondo is on and ready to be sanded.  Once it was sanded I touched up some areas that needed it, let it dry and sanded again.  After that I used a gray spray primer on the chair.  Gave it another light sanding then sprayed it a satin black.  While that was drying I worked on recovering the seat.

For the seat cushion I used the spray adhesive stuff to hold the foam & batting in place. I then cut the fabric to size and used a stapler hooked up the an air compressor to staple the fabric to the seat.  After that was all done I reattached the seat to the chair.

Here it is all done!

Here's the before again:

Here's the after:

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By Stephanie Lynn

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