Monday, July 1, 2013

Craft Room Hardware & Light

I found a light fixture in the Rejuvenation catalog that I liked.  We have the 1980s brass fixture still going on in the mudroom.  That's the only one we haven't replaced yet.  Can you believe it hasn't fallen off the ceiling yet?  Oh yes we had 2 fixtures fall off the ceiling within a year of moving into the house!!  It was $225.  While walking through Lowe's yesterday I spotted a builder grade light fixture that was  similar for only $14.95!  I grabbed it!  Both have the same color fixture with milk white glass.

I wasn't sure what I wanted and they don't look exactly like some of those flush mount boob lights!  So it will do and for $14.95 if I change my mind later it's no biggie I can send it off to the Habitat Restore!

Here's the light that was there from the 1980s

The new light isn't "perfect" but it's much better than the brass crystal looking one! The  ceiling still needs one more coat of paint.

After I did that I decided to change out the hardware again on the little dresser.
I used to use the dresser as the boys dresser when they were babies. This is what it looked like when it was Jacob & Nathans. It held all their baby clothes while the shelves held all the cloth diapers!

I painted it white. Since everything else is ORB around here I changed the knobs out again.

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