Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Another Thrift Store Lamp

Brass lamps + ORB spray paint = LOVE

This lamp was broken so I took it for $5 from a local thrift shop called The Share House.  I picked up a $10 lamp shade and a rewire kit for $10 from Lowes.

It took a just a few minutes to spray paint and then rewire it.

For $25 I now have a solid lamp and it is similar to my other 2 lamps (also resale shop lamps that were brass)  that I want to put on the cabinet that's yet to be built by the front door.

These other 2 lamps I bought from Habitat For Humanity ReStore in the spring 2011.  They were a total of $15 including the spray paint!  

Here's the new lamp & the old lamps.... I think they look good together!

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