Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kitchen Paint

I loved the paint color that we had picked for the kitchen. It was the same as the living room and dining room.  We installed the tile and I didn't love it as much. At first I thought well the tile is just horrible and hubby agreed that maybe we should just redo the tile with something else.  Then I thought why not try another paint color.

So I picked another color and went from there.  I have most of the kitchen painted except above the cabinets. 

Here's what the kitchen looked like with the first color of paint after we remodeled it:

You can see more of what it looked like HERE

Now that the new paint is almost done I actually like the tiles now!!


There's still some more painting to be done.  I think it's coming along.

Here's the current list of things to finish:

pantry cabinets
pantry counter top
pantry sink
pantry tile
cabinet around the fridge
cabinet doors, shelves & drawers
trim on cabinets
cabinet hardware
mouldings (crown, baseboards, door/window trim)
trim around chalkboard area

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