Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Started Tiling!

This weekend we started to tile the walls above the counters.

It looks better than I thought it would.  I still don't LOVE it but it's ok.

 First line of business was to install the under cabinet lighting.

Woohoo!!  No more hanging wires!  And I have extra light now!  These are the xenon ones.  Supposedly they are whiter instead of more warm yellow looking but I don't know.  To me they are yellow looking compared to all my natural day light CFL bulbs in the house.  I love the natural day light bulbs!!

Now on to tiling.

I'm just gonna say if you are the type of person that needs things to be extremely perfect then these tiles are not for you.  When we would go places and I'd see these tiles in different colors I would think to myself  "who in the world installed these tiles...they are so wavy."  Now after we installed them, and hubby has installed a ton of tile for clients,  I can understand why the tiles are like that.  There is no perfect with these tiles.  These tiles are a tilers worst nightmare!   I'll admit I was crying after the first few went up and so upset that hubby ripped the tile sheets off the wall and said "calm down we'll start over".  Bless his heart he tried as best his professional perfectionist self could to make these as straight as possible for me!

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