Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve and a wonderful Christmas Day!  I spent the day before Christmas getting the house ready and prepping food for the next day.

The kids finally went to bed around 10pm and then I started wrapping presents.  There weren't to many to wrap.  We did 2 presents for each kiddo, a basket ball goal set and MIB 3 movie. There were also presents under the tree from Aunt Jessie & Uncle Tim and Aunt Susan!  Hubby got me a new door bell, a dutch oven pot and said he'd do some things around the house for me like install the new faucet in our bathroom and the boys bathroom.  The kids and I got hubby a Porter Cable Oscillating mulit-tool, some drill bits and some bags.

My inlaws arrived around 3pm and the boys were very happy to see them!  That meant it was time to open all the stuff under the tree!  We all had a great time and shared a very tasty meal and desert.  Then the day came to a close way to fast.  



Jacob & Nathan

Hubby opening his gift from me

presents from my Inlaws & Hubby 

Presents to Hubby from Inlaws, boys & me




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